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This week I have spent every single night in the office eating take away, so here’s a good sample of what Soho has to offer in terms of vegan junk food!

In order of ascending recommendation:

- Aubergine and tofu Laomian from Cha Cha Moon. You think it looks bad? Try eating it.

- A bento box from Satsuma. OK but a bit greasy and bland.

- A vegetarian thali from Masala Zone, good as usual, although the presentation makes it look a bit like a cheap plane meal.

- An old favourite, Mildreds' Asian Vegetables Stir Fry, with lots of broccoli and tofu. Doesn't actually look nice in its plastic box, either… But still truly delicious.

- Topping the charts, a mezze selection from Yalla Yalla: falafel, fattoush, and hummus.

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Due to the dramatic closure of Mrs Marengo’s, I’ve been missing the lovely staff and even lovelier beetroot, orange and ginger juices that I normally feast on when I’m feeling run down, so we went to the mothership, Mildreds, for lunch today. I had a baby aubergine, green olive and chickpea tagine with almond couscous (and said juice - the darker one) and Gabor a Sri Lankan squash curry with basmati rice and an apple - lime - ginger juice. Definitely in my Top 5 for London dining.

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