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As promised, here’s the recipe for the vegan cheese. I found it on the Soundly Vegan blog and slightly increased all the “fermenting” times to make it more tasty.

1. First, you soak 300ml of raw cashews overnight. Then drain the nuts and blend them into a smooth milk, together with another 300ml of mineral water, at room temperature. Add the contents of one capsule of adult probiotics, place the mixture into a cheese cloth laid inside a big bowl. Wait for 12 hours.

2. Lift the cheese cloth and tie it into a knot on a stick, balancing over a big bowl, so that the excess liquid can drain away. Place this in the fridge or outside (if it’s a cold January day) for another 12 hours.

3. Press the “cheese” into a log and roll it around some herbs and spices (I used chives and peppercorn)

4. Wrap it into a plastic foil and leave it to macerate in the fridge for another day.

It’s a long-term project but it’s worth it! The result has the texture of goat’s cheese and the taste is nice, although it can’t rival with the original. But as part of a salad or on toast with pickle and olive oil, it’s delicious.

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