Wegan Wednesdays

It's OK to be vegan just one day a week.

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Vegan New York City week, part 1: The Struggle. We had been told that it was easier to be vegan in NYC than not… We were lied to.

An example? On my first day, on entering a deli and asking what they could make me that was devoid of meat, fish, eggs or dairy, the man replied: “How about turkey?”. Classic.

Random meals I’ve managed to collect so far include: a quinoa and raisin salad with a bagel and baba ghanoush from across the road from the office, a watercress salad and mushroom, truffle and potato croquettes from Macau (it was actually very good!), and finally some pasta salad from yesterday’s workshop. 

Today, I’m heading to Williamsburg. Apparently, it’s going to get better. Let’s see…

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